19 Lake Road and The Round


We’re a restaurant business that is a bit different. Find out more about the two restaurants that make up Fellpack.

19 Lake Road

We opened the doors of 19 Lake Road back in 2017, when it was first called Fellpack. We were a brand new business to Keswick and brought something a bit different to what you usually find in Keswick pubs and restaurants. This was intentional but also reflects what we love and want to do, and what we think the community and visitors are looking for in a restaurant. From the beginning, our idea of what a restaurant could and should be set us apart.

Our focus is on serving wholesome food that is delicious (of course!) but has a bit of a twist. That’s why you will see classics on our menu like beef chilli, but this isn’t your standard chilli (cue Marks and Spencer advert music) – it might come with a jalapeno glaze or soft and fluffy quinoa. Our head chef, Paul Sanchez, puts a lot of time into each of our menus to ensure that we are providing a selection but without trying to do so many items out that it compromises the quality. This way you can be sure that we use fresh ingredients and that everything is cooked to order. 

Not only do we do food, we do fells. What draws so many people to Keswick is the amazing landscape around us and we like to encourage people to make the most of this. We challenge you to scale Walla Crag, a bit of a beginners’ mountain. You begin at 19 Lake Road, race to the top and take a photo with one of our loyalty cards, and then when you come back in we will add your time to our Walla Dashboard. Depending on your result you may get a little reward from us!

You can probably tell from what we do and how we talk about ourselves that the atmosphere in Fellpack is pretty relaxed. It is difficult to describe exactly what kind of restaurant it is given it is a bit unique, but you could describe it as an easygoing bistro. Or you could listen to what Guardian food critic, Grace Dent, said when she visited: 

“Fellpack, in the north Lakes, which opened in June 2017, feels gloriously fresh. Almost as if they’re happy to have you. Janglingly unjaded, in fact.”

“Fellpack is a bright-spirited, welcoming bistro run by a jubilant bunch of youthful, mountain-fixated friends.”

From TripAdvisor Keswick restaurant comments you can again see that we are highly rated. We are the top Keswick restaurant and also the top Keswick cafe with 640 reviews giving us a score of 5 out of 5. For all TripAdvisor Lake District restaurants, we are 14th. Not bad, right! 

It is comments like this that give us the confidence to say that we consider ourselves to be one of the best Keswick restaurants and also one of the best Lake District restaurants. It is also this reputation that we have developed in just a couple of years that made us feel like we were ready for the next step. Which is why this year, we opened The Round

The Round

We once again added to the list of Keswick restaurants with this second venture of ours. The Round has a distinct menu to 19 Lake Road in that the menu is all about one thing: burgers. Delicious, handcrafted burgers. 

While the food being served up is not the same, it does still share much in common with 19 Lake Road in that the menu is again chosen carefully and still has that twist to each item. For example, our chicken burger comes with black sesame slaw, katsu sauce and curried kewpie mayo. The Round still offers enough variety to ensure that everyone at the table will find something they love but without having to worry about the quality. The vegetarian options have also had as much thought go into them like everything else on our menu – no boring alternatives here, so if you are looking for vegetarian restaurants in Keswick, come on in.

The Round has been open for around a year and is already proving popular, not just for the food, but also for our drinks. It is different to most pubs and bars and is a great place to meet up with some friends for a few pints or cocktails. When we were putting together the drinks menu we looked around at the Keswick area to see what was on offer from local producers and were spoilt for choice. You can have your pick from a number of local tipples, such as Walla’s Reward or a bottle of delicious Keswick Gold. They’re the perfect accompaniment to a burger or plate of loaded fries! 

Whether you want a quick bite to eat to fuel you up your next fell or are looking at having some downtime after miles on the mountains, we would love to welcome you to The Round or Fellpack. Don’t forget to tell us about your adventures while you’re there as this is what we are all about and we may just have some tips for where you can head to next!