Like every good business, Fellpack began in a pub.

Huddled around a fire, sheltering from the rain whilst cycling from Land´s End to John O´Groats, the first ideas for Fellpack were excitedly shared.

Fast-forward six years to 2017 and the passage of time has created the opportunity. The team, having each taken their time to make the permanent move to the Lakes, were now ready to strike.

On the 2nd June, we took the keys to 19 Lake Road, full of trepidation and anticipation. Months of planning were condensed into two weeks of rapid renovation and the door properly opened on Saturday 17th June, when, at just before 9am, we sold our first item: a humble granola, mixed berry and yoghurt pot. This pot actually quickly departed the menu, but like Alfred Wainwright taking his starting steps onto his first Lakeland Fell, who really remembers how the first domino falls!

Yet unlike the great Alfred Wainwright, our journey is just beginning. Indeed, we are full of ideas for Fellpack and already in our first summer it has a pleasure sharing our Lakeland passions with you.

But who is this team we speak of?