If you look up TripAdvisor Lake District restaurants Fellpack (now called 19 Lake Road) is 14th. That is 14th out of 1022 restaurants covering 2362 square kilometres or 912 square miles. However, when you find out that a food critic is going to be visiting to tell the country just how good (or bad!) you are, that is a little intimidating.

Back in 2018, we received a review from a different kind of diner that was going to give feedback that wouldn’t appear on TripAdvisor, but would be in national newspaper, The Guardian. And that diner would be The Guardian’s food critic, Grace Dent. See what we mean about a little intimidating? 

Luckily, we had nothing to worry about. She totally got what we are doing and that makes us so proud. Here are some examples:

“Fellpack is a bright-spirited, welcoming bistro run by a jubilant bunch of youthful, mountain-fixated friends” 

Well we couldn’t have put it any better ourselves. Fellpack is obviously mostly about the food, but is not just about this. When we started chatting about what we wanted to achieve, it wasn’t just a restaurant. It was about the way of life in the Lakes that we love. In time we hope to develop this more so you won’t be visiting only for the food. Our Walla-dash is part of this but we have big plans that we hope to reveal in time.  

“Here is a menu that skips cheerily between hearty, northern fell-running fuel – chilli beef, pork belly – and Londoner-appeasing, quinoa-munching dippiness without breaking a sweat”

What is great about Keswick is that there is a fantastic local community, many of whom we have come to know well and we also know their names as well as their faces. Fellpack is a place for them to come for a drink and a slice of cake on a regular basis, but also for a more special meal. We also get a lot of people who are visitors to the area and want to do our bit to keep drawing people to Keswick. Therefore, our goal was to think about whether everyone in a family would be able to find something they enjoy. If they’re looking around at the Keswick pubs and restaurants trying to think who will offer something for everyone, they know they can find that at Fellpack. Plus, it’s always good to have a bit of dippiness in your life!

“This bright Keswick bistro is not afraid of heat, spice, bold combinations and allowing a quiet majority of its menu to be veg-centric”. 

Yes! Our chef, Paul Sanchez, puts so much time into our menu to come up with combinations that make us all wonder why it hasn’t been tried before. He also really knows flavours. He ensures that every single ingredient in a dish is meant to be there and works. He also doesn’t try to create a couple of token vegetarian dishes on the menu. Every single dish is equal and had been put together with care. 

It isn’t that often you get the opportunity to get this feedback and it is fair to say we were overwhelmed by it. We are so grateful for everyone who has helped us to make Fellpack a success. We aim to keep our standards high and coming up with more ideas to make it even better in the future.