Do you know a talented chef, a brilliant barman or great barista?

If so, your connections could be valuable.

Experience has taught us that finding great Fellpackers via referrals and recommendations from our customers and Social Media followers is more effective than more traditional routes. So, we have decided to reward those that want to see us get better and grow as a business. Rather than directing our money towards job-boards, we instead want to remunerate the amateur recruiters, those of you who introduce us to people that we go on to hire.

We believe that our customers know us best and hence know the types of people we are looking for: people who have a passion for food, hospitality and Lake District adventuring; the party planners, culinary creators and experience makers.

We pay £250 for each recommendation that leads to a full-time hire. Yet, we also know that the person you recommend, as well as us, will benefit the networking opportunity even if a job doesn’t come from a meeting this time around.

 So, without further ado, get scrolling through your contacts, sending any possible candidates to [email protected]

Team Fellpack

Terms and Conditions

1. To recommend a candidate, please tell us their first & last name in some form of writing – preferably by email or social media – and the best way we can contact them (including details). Note that if you recommend someone via social media by linking to their online profile, we do not expect you to also provide their contact details. We would, however, appreciate you using the phrase “RECOMMEND @NAME” in your social media post/comment.

2. In the event that more than one person recommends the same candidate, we will consider who made the recommendation first and the candidate’s personal choice of which recommendation they relied on; we reserve the right to then decide who the reward should be paid to.

3. The reward will be paid once the new candidate has completed 12 weeks of employment.

4. The recommended candidate must be 18 or over and eligible to work and live in the UK.

5. We may change, extend or withdraw this offer at any time and without letting you know.

6. The reward is paid as a gross payment and will be paid by bank transfer. The recipient accepts any tax liability and agrees to pay any tax arising from receiving the bonus payment.