Are you aged 15 - 18 and interested in business?



“Can anyone start a business?”

Surely the answer is yes – but how might you do it and why would you even want to! This was one the (many!) initial questions we considered before opening the doors of our first restaurant at 19 Lake Road in 2017. Since then we’ve been asked many more questions as we’ve grown, getting some right and, naturally, some wrong. Yet, undeterred, we continue to greatly enjoy thinking about the daily business problems we face.

Whilst it is not fun to be wrong, we believe it is fun to think carefully and critically about the questions that arise running a business. We want to share this experience with students in Year 11 to Year 13, providing a series of real-life problem-led seminars that sit neatly alongside the theory taught at school.

The programme will combine a well paid part-time job at one of our restaurants with a series of regular seminars examining a range of business problems that we, or other local or national businesses have faced. The seminars will be hosted by the Fellpack team and include guest speakers from a range of other businesses.

Since we opened in 2017, we’ve been lucky to work with lots of incredibly talented young Cumbrians – and we know that there are plenty more out there! We look forward to your application.

How to apply

If you’re based in Cumbria, currently in Year 11, 12 or 13 and interested in business, the Fellpack Academy could be for you.

  • Email [email protected] briefly describing a business or brand, however big or small, that you find interesting (max 300 words).
  • We’ll ask shortlisted candidates for an interview and trial shift over the coming weeks.
  • Shifts worked will be paid at £8 per hour.

The Academy is set to launch in late September