Start Feb 2019
Salary £17k – £19k

Who we are looking for:

We are a bustling little restaurant that needs strong teams each shift. Our workplace is dynamic and energetic and we need people who enjoy working in this environment. We are not a team of clock-watchers! Experience is valued but it is not an absolute. Rather, we cherish those who want to learn, continually ask questions and challenge the status quo. Resilience is a must, as is the ability to be positive and understand that any mistakes made are simply opportunities to properly engage with customers and enrich their experience. We definitely do not cry over spilt milk!

The job is challenging, at times exhausting and emotional, but if done well, properly fulfilling. We are growing too, so those looking for a career path to further responsibility fit our mound.

Lastly it helps if you like the outdoors. Much of our chat centres on new challenges we can participate in or create, whether that be running, cycling, mountain-biking or even paragliding; and what’s cool is that we know the right people to get you going in what ever outdoor circle you wish if you are moving from afar. Furthermore, our rota ensures you get two full days off and work no more than eight hours in one day. What’s not to love!

Job Specifics

Key Characteristics Required

To apply for the role, please send a CV and a brief summary explaining why this job is for you to Chris at [email protected]

We look forward to hearing from you.