Keswick brewery is our predominant supplier of local ales, Thirst Run being the house favourite (the only way to re-hydrate after a day running the fells – some say!).

Our wine list is paired to the food, a blend of white and reds that have been hand-picked (a real chore that one), and in some cases hand-selected, to differentiate us from local competition.

We have a cocktail selection full of creativity and interest, all made with love and with a growing local following. Preparation is the key: a gin and tonic is a pleasure to craft with great ingredients, we are not the place with pre-cut lime and draught tonic water.

Our coffee is provided by Red Bank, a great local roaster. We take pride in making your drink exactly as you want it. Whether that is a “large coffee” or a cortado with soy milk, our baristas aim to please.