Our Food

We love food. We take great pride in making it well and great excitement in seeing our customers enjoy what we serve. Whether it be cakes, sandwiches, chilli or cheesecake, we make everything on-site: wholesome recipes designed to please. Paul and his kitchen team have carefully prepared the menus, working with local suppliers to maximise the quality of the food served.

We are regularly asked by those yet to visit: “What type of restaurant are you?” After all, we must admit, the name gives a visitor few clues. In truth, it is not straight-forward to define. In one day, we move from being the early morning preparers of lunchtime and coffee-accompanying treats to the creators of delicately balanced evening dishes that combine bold flavours and local ingredients in our famous (well growing in fame) Fellpot crockery.

It is easier instead to turn the question around and state our mission: we want to provide visitors and locals alike, with great, reasonably priced food that adds joy to whatever part of the day they may visit. We want our food to taste as good on the fells as in our restaurant and we care deeply about being a place that can accommodate the myriad of people who come and share our passion for the Lake District.

Our menus are small, that is nature of being a proper kitchen, but we have chosen our dishes carefully to suit the majority of palates and tolerances. Our Fellpots include gluten-free and vegan options, as do our cakes. We change our menus with the seasons because we are excited to ensure regular visitors are able to try new dishes (and we must admit, because our chefs love the adventure a new menu brings).

We are proud of what we do, and proud that our customers are excited to grow with us, sharing the excitement that iteration and improvement has brought. We recognise, and thrive, on the necessity to continually keep moving forward and hopefully you can visit, become part of this journey, and Join the Pack.