​Regally positioned above Derwent Water, Walla Crag rewards its conquerors with spectacular views. Although it is only 379m high, there is plenty of steepness to sate those with a penchant for the vertical. As a walk, it is a nice little test, but as a run, it is a challenge. Short enough to be attacked but long enough that the attack hurts.

​It has quickly become the Fellpack mountain; the one we recommend to the Keswick first-timer, the family of four, or the runner looking for some altitude training. Therefore, it only felt right that we created the Walla Dash.

​The rules are simple. Challengers begin in Fellpack, counted down by our staff and cheered on by customers. The route is the standard one. The racing line from Keswick. A photo with a Fellpack Loyalty card is taken when the summit is reached. Then it is a race back to Fellpack, stopping our timer on arrival.

The joy of the challenge is in its completion. Irrespective of the time, everyone who attempts it has given their all; whether they are a sub-35 minuter (the benchmark of excellence) or a couple with a one year old, eager to scale a local peak as fast as possible. The Walla Dash is for all and a lovely idiosyncratic way to the see the Lake District with a different mindset.

​We look forward to cheering you home if you are brave enough. Check out our leaderboard to see the best Wall Dash times.


Notable times


Fastest Man: Adam Maynard 32:36

Fastest Woman: Maria Bobadilla Floristan 49:06

Fastest family (inc. a child under 10): David, Rhi and Arthur Butterfield (age 1) 1:02:03